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FiveM was a "fan made" multiplayer client for Grand Theft Auto V. If you're familiar with San Andreas Multiplayer or Multi Theft Auto, then that's kind of what FiveM is like. It has dedicated servers and a large variety of gamemodes, that'll give the player an entirely different experience to GTA Online. ChimpanzeeHost provides game servers for all GTA modifications with cutting edge hardware, DDoS protection and real 24/7 support.

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14.99 /mo

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Choose your performance pack. There is an advised player number for each plan, but the actual player number depends on the scripts/mods/resources that are going to run. There is no player slot limit to any plan.


14.99 /mo


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Robust infrastructure and high server performance

Load balancing and dynamic resourse assignment to ensure a lag-free experience.

Load Balancing
[1] Users
Users use the game server without any interuption or lag.
[2] Load Balancing
Our system ensures that all servers are performing at their full potential
[3] Cloud Servers
Servers taylor-made for GTA FiveM hosting handle the game load with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How long before my server is online?
  • Our servers are immidiately activated

Is ChimpanzeeHost associated in any way with FiveM?

  • FiveM™ is a registered trademark of ZAP-Hosting GmbH & Co. KG in the European Union.
  • FiveM™ is owned and created by CitizenFX, it is licensed under the LGPLv2 license.
  • We are not endorsed, or affiliated with CitizenFX or ZAP-Hosting GmbH & Co. KG.
  • ChimpanzeeHost only provides FiveM Hosting
Can I just rent the server for one month?
  • There are both monthly and yearly FiveM Hosting plans

What is TokoVoIP?
  • is a client-sided TeamSpeak plugin and script that adds an alternative voice chat to FiveM. It provides better quality audio, as well as much more control. Here’s a short list of things it does: Proximity-based audio, Directional audio, Radio system, Phone calls, Radio effects, Radio clicks.

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